Monthly archives: September, 2015

Buying a New Home? Don’t Forget About Amenities

All newly-constructed home sites offer a livable home but is that enough toconstitute a buyer’s complete satisfaction? Since most of our free time is spent at home, having a home with upgraded features and outstanding amenities makes the experience more enjoyable. Covered porches, courtyards, and large decks all help add to the enhancement of a home; allowing for a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor living. Another feature, garage doors, is a popular request from today’s homebuyers as a means of vehicle, personal,and athletic equipment storage. Garages are also popular areas to set up home workshops, stay shaded while watching children play in the driveway, and as a place to organize household goods.

These great amenities are anoptimal investment and should be pursued whenever possible. While you would not want to move out of such a comfortable and relaxing location, the extra features help add to the home’s overall resale value. In fact, by adding on a garage and a covered porch, it’s like gaining additional square footage for your home. This makes life more enjoyable; as there are places to hold family gatherings, birthday parties, and backyard barbeques.

While homes are competitively priced, before making any final decisions, assess the total package to see where you would feel most comfortable living and choose a location that can provide the best overall indoor and outdoor living experience.

Big Booms in Realty

The early 2000s really hit the home ownership market hard. Because of a combination of political and economic circumstances, people found themselves in the middle of a deep recession. That recession wasn’t helped by the housing bubble that had been growing over a few decades. Fortunately, the economy has turned up, at least if you’re judging by the real estate market.

Carpenter Realtors keeps an eye on changes in the real estate market throughout the country. In New York, commercial real estate prices are starting to soar. Of course, property is always a hot commodity in New York, but despite prices, demand still seems to be skyrocketing. In California, there’s a huge real estate boom that’s occurring as technology and information companies are attracting families to settle inside the state.

Of course, right here in Indiana, there’s a hot market fueling up as sales are increasing year over year. Home buyers are showing increased confidence in the housing market and it looks like families are willing to once again brave the purchase of a new home. Although there are always risks involved with investing in property, smart buyers know what real estate is an investment that pays off in the future.