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When it comes time for Summer vacation, it can be a luxurious ambition to strive for a vacation home on the beach, and there’s nothing wrong with that, if you have the money. It’s like buying your favorite hotel, and you’re the only tenant. However, owning a vacation home has plenty of downsides, too, so rethink that desire before you buy ‘er. (Sorry.) Here a just a few reasons to reconsider splurging on a vacation home.

First of all, you’re buying a home you won’t be using nine months out of the year. This means a few unfortunate things you should consider. For one, that’s a home someone in need doesn’t have the option to buy, but if that’s not bad enough, it gets more personal. It’s easy to rob a house that never has anyone in it. For most of the year, your belongings are fair game Even with surveillance capabilities, the time required to solve that problem means the problem most likely won’t get solved. The silver lining is that your most valuable possessions are going to be wherever you are.

Another reason not to buy a Summer home, the big one, is money. If you’re considering buying a Summer home, you can probably afford it. However, you’re still throwing that money away in large part because of how little time you’ll spend there. You could try to recoup some of the money by renting it out during the off seasons, but it would be difficult to protect your property when you’re so far away. Not to mention it would be far cheaper to just stay in a hotel every year. The ideal Summer home on the beach is a precious commodity and, therefore, prohibitively expensive for most of us, but even if you can afford it, it’s still smarter to stay in hotels for a couple days instead of paying for something you rarely use. And, while you’re traveling back and forth, regardless of your final decision, shop Vera Bradley for great deals on travel supplies and much more.